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Taiwan Sanju international electric machinery CO.,Ltd. was established in 1988, cooling fan manufacturers. 30 years dedicated to the development, manufacture and sales of cooling fans, AC, DC, EC full range of axial cooling fans as one of the integrity of the enterprise

SanJu30-years brand, 30-years manufacturing experience

  • waterproofwaterproof
  • low noiseNoise level
  • High temperature resistanceTemperature resistant
  • long lifeLife expectancy
  • Energy savingEnergy saving
  • Environmental protectionEP

Quality Insistent, Specialized in fans 30 years

Good material, ensure quality and stability

Good materials to ensure stable quality

Long life, no cutting corners

Life expectancy, using a long time, not reduced raw materials

Use your heart to make a better fan

Do better products with your heart.

International certification, reliable quality

International certification, trusting quality

Strict inspection, layer check

All rigorous testing, a comprehensive checking

Automatic production, improving efficiency and quality

Automatic production to improve efficiency and quality

Our advantage

Brand power

Brand powerBrand strength

  • 30 years of brand, 30 years of manufacturing experience!
  • Focus on ventilation and cooling fan solutions
  • Huawei, hisense, gree and other well-known enterprise partners.
  • Korea, Italy and other countries have agents
Wall full of honor

Wall full of honorFull wall of honor

  • Strictly implement ISO9001 quality management system
  • Has obtained UL, CUL, ROHS and other more than a dozen international certification
Made with Heart

Made with HeartGood quality

  • The rate of product defects is kept below 0.1%, well below the international standard of 0.3%.
  • Energy-saving, efficient, high value added fan, with the European and American environmental protection concept in line
Technology R&D

Technology R&DTechnology research and development

  • We have our own R&D team in Shenzhen and Taiwan
  • Has 3 inventions, 15 new letters patent
  • Independent research and development, dedicated to research, to meet the needs of private customization
Caring service

Caring serviceIntimate service

  • 2 years warranty. If there is any quality problem, the package shall be returned and replaced, and we can be bear the round trip freight cost.
  • The standard products are in sufficient stock and can be delivered quickly inside 24 hours.
  • Customized products are leading time in three days, two weeks delivery to customer, fast delivery , better quality

About Us

Taiwan Sanju international electric machinery CO.,Ltd. was established in 1988, and the radiator fan is well-known manufacturer. 30 years of focus on cooling fan research and development, manufacturing, sales of AC, DC, EC full range of axial cooling fans as one of the outstanding integrity of the enterprise...[more]